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The May Fair Hotel

There are 5 star luxury hotels, and then there is The May Fair Hotel: an icon of expressive contemporary design, bringing together boutique attention to detail with grand hotel service. A legendary luxury hotel with a glamorous past, The May Fair was first opened by King George V in 1927 and offers over 400 luxury hotel bedrooms, including 12 of the capital's most memorable hotel suites in the heart of London’s luxury quarter. The hotel also boasts the largest private screening room in London, a fine dining restaurant, award winning bar, Cigar Room, Fitness Centre and Spa and a Casino. All this, complimentary Wi-Fi and breakfast* adds up to a perfect stay.

* Advance Purchase bookings.

Earn points

You earn 500 Extra points per night, max three consecutive nights on The May Fair Hotel in London on normal and agreed corporate rates, conference, weekend and summer rates are included, all other rates are excluded. Tickets/vouchers not used, reservations made at third party web sites do not generate points.

Note! Hotel reservations made through SAS website is considered as Third party website. In order to earn EuroBonus Extra points, please make your reservation direct with The May Fair Hotel.

Spend points

Log in, go to My EuroBonus and make your reservation up until the day of arrival. You need 23,000 points per night, breakfast included and the points cover two people in a double room.