Mobile services

    Mobile services

    With our mobile services you have the entire world in your pocket: From inspiring ideas and reading about wonderful travel destinations, to the most important information about your trip.

    SAS App

    Can you never get enough of the world? The SAS App lets you collect all the information and inspiration about your trips. You book flight tickets and hotels, save passport information and check flight status. For even better, up-to-date inflight reading, you can download both local and international daily newspapers before departure. 

    SAS app best among European airlines

    More and more major airlines have an app nowadays. But only one of them is the best in Europe – the SAS app! At least according to Flexponsives analysis of 50 000 users of 12 European airlines' apps. With an average of 4.2 points for both iOS and Android, the SAS app has a good margin and the top marks in Europe. We're sure you'll agree! 

    • Using the SAS App, you can handle most issues related to your flights. You can:
      • View our best prices in our low price calendar
      • Book flights, Youth tickets, Travel Pass trips and hotels
      • Enter your booking in your calendar
      • Pay for the flight with cash or EuroBonus points
      • Check in and receive your boarding pass
      • View your booking and flight status
      • Take a look at airport maps and weather before your trip
      • View your most recent EuroBonus transactions
      • See where you can earn EuroBonus points
      • Download daily newspapers/magazines to your phone when you check in (from 22 hours before departure)
    • Use the SAS App with an Apple Watch to be able to view departure times easily as well as your departure gate, your seat, your EuroBonus points and more.

    • You can use the SAS App together with Passbook for the iPhone.

    • Please feel free to give us feedback at –  tell us which App version and which operating system you use. 

    Create your own guide book using SAS REMAP

    Travelers do not buy travel guides. They create their own. You will find Remap in the SAS App – a tailored map created by friends and local connoisseurs who know you and your destination.

    Improve the SAS App in Labs

    As a true traveler, you know best the features you want in a SAS App. In the Labs section of the SAS App, you can come up with your own ideas and suggestions for improvements. A few of the best features of the SAS App were born in Labs, such as the ability to grade flights and to share bookings with friends. Read more about how SAS Lab is creating the future of travel

    Sms flight information

    Make sure you always get the latest first. With our sms flight information service, you receive important information sent right to your phone.

    • Enter your phone number when you book your flight and we will make sure to keep you updated on delays and canceled flights using text messaging. Information is sent starting from 22 hours before departure.

    • If you are a member of EuroBonus or you have a SAS Travel Pass , you can get more information sent straight to your phone at no charge:
      • We will send you a message about 2.5 hours before departure, notifying you if your flight is departing on time.
      • We will also notify you of the terminal and gate your flight is departing from, if that information is available.

    The information we send you through text messages is accurate when it is sent and is updated regularly. Nevertheless, we still ask you to stay informed of any further changes. 

    • SAS is not responsible for consequences or costs which arise, either directly or indirectly, as a result of information communicated in text messages. SAS is not responsible for the stability of, or delays in the reception/connections of the telecommunications companies used. 

    • Ensure that your phone is always turned on so you can receive continuous, up-to-date information.

    If you wish to unscribe from our sms flight information service, send a text message, “STOP FI”, to one of the numbers given below:

    • Sweden: +46 737 494 252
    • Denmark: +45 2261 1009
    • Norway: +47 4171 6151
    • Finland: +35 8457 395 0687
    • Rest of the world: +44 762 480 0193

    If you are a EuroBonus member or have a SAS Travel Pass, you can also cancel our text messaging services by logging in on your profile.

    SAS Smart Pass

    Upgrade your travel to the next level. Using an SAS Smart Pass, you get exactly what you would expect: the key to smarter travel. More time-efficient, more convenient.

    • This service is available if you are a EuroBonus member at the Gold or Diamond level and your home address is in Scandinavia. 

    • You will receive a personal and smart sticker which you use to quickly identify your flight at the airport. This is how you can use a SAS Smart Pass:

    • Smart Pass works when you travel domestically with SAS or Wideroe in Scandinavia and on flights from Scandinavia to countries within the Schengen Area. 

    • We recommend that you stick your Smart Pass to your phone. 

    • You identify your trip by holding your Smart Pass up to one of the readers located in the airport.

    • Smart Pass is based on NFC (Near Field Communication), a wireless communications technology which enables a data exchange between different devices. Smart Pass contains a transmitter which is activated when you hold the Smart Pass symbol up to an NFC reader.

    • IMPORTANT: If your phone has NFC, do not fasten your Smart Pass to your phone as it can interfere with the phone's NFC function (if it is turned on). Instead, attach your Smart Pass to another non-metal object that you bring with you on your trips.

    • If you have lost your Smart Pass or if it no longer works, you can order a new one under My Pages.

    Global WiFi with iPass

    Connect to more than 61 million WiFi hotspots in 120 countries with SAS and iPass at a fixed monthly rate.

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