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Unaccompanied minors

If your journey is within Norway and includes Widerö (WF) please make your reservation here.

With our Unaccompanied Minor service, your child is in safe hands before, during and after their flight. Our Unaccompanied Minor service ensures your child is taken through security, to the gate, boarded on the aircraft, introduced to the flight attendant, chaperoned during all connections, helped with any baggage and through customs and passport checks and released to the appropriate person at their destination (as authorized in writing by a parent/guardian). Your child will also enjoy something to eat and drink during the flight.

  • SAS offers an Unaccompanied Minor service for children aged 5–17 on domestic flights and for children aged 5-15 on other flights (Unaccompanied Minor service is not applicable for children traveling on Youth tickets). 
  • Book online above for children aged 5-11 who will travel within Scandinavia and Europe.
  • For children aged 12-17 and for travels to other parts of the world, please contact SAS Sales & Service.

Unaccompanied Minor FEES

  • Domestic travel: DKK/NOK/SEK 350/EUR 30 per child and flight.
  • Within Scandinavia: DKK/NOK/SEK 450 per child and flight.
  • From Scandinavia/Finland to Europe and on intercontinental flights: DKK/NOK/SEK 450/EUR 50/USD 70 per child and flight.
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For children aged 12–16 traveling alone without assistance, some countries require written consent from a parent or legal guardian.

The parent/legal guardian must complete a form containing the child's personal information, travel route and the name of the person who will be meeting the child upon arrival. Just click on this form: handling-advice-unaccompanied-minor.pdf

A parent/guardian should help the child check in and drop off any baggage. Please note that the parent/guardian must show valid ID at check-in and wait at the airport until the aircraft has taken off.

According to EU regulations, only the person traveling and in possession of a boarding pass may pass through security and enter the transit area.  

The person meeting the child at the end of the flight must also show valid ID.

In the event of a delay or other unforeseen situation, your child will be accompanied and we'll keep you updated as a parent/guardian. Please note that if there's uncertainty about landing at a destination due to weather conditions or other extraordinary circumstances, we do not allow unaccompanied minors on the flight.