Make your trip even better by choosing your meal from our specially-designed menu. Pre-order a delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, salads, sandwiches or a Kids’ Meal in SAS Go and SAS Go Light on most European flights up to 18 hours before departure.

    You can pre-order your meal when booking your trip on SAS' website, through your travel agent or under My trips.

    Pre-order only


    Cold cuts of meat or fish served with grains (for example quinoa or bulgur), a fresh salad, rye or crisp bread and a piece of dark chocolate. Served from 9.00 to 16.00.

    Pre-order only

    DKK 75/ NOK 90/ SEK 90/ EUR 11


    Cold meal including a starter, main course, dessert, warm bread and a piece of dark chocolate. Served from 16.00 to 24.00.

    Pre-order only

    DKK 100/ NOK 120/ SEK 120/ EUR 14.50

    Kids' meal

    Pasta with chicken meatballs, raw veggies, crisp bread, a juice box and a chocolate bar. Cold meal. Served from 9:00 to 24:00.

    Pre-order only

    DKK 55/ NOK 65/ SEK 65/ EUR 8


    Flights within Europe

    Coffee and tea are always included. You can also buy breakfast on European flights longer than 60 minutes. Lunch, dinner, sandwiches, salads and Kids’ Meals are available on flights longer than 120 minutes in SAS Go and SAS Go Light. In SAS Plus, all food and drinks are complimentary.

    Long-haul flights

    Enjoy complimentary food and drinks in all classes on flights to the US and Asia. More about how we make your trip comfortable

    Pre-order or buy onboard


    Ham and cheese, fresh warm bread, yogurt and muesli served with
    orange juice and choice of coffee or tea.

    Pre-order or buy onboard

    DKK 65/ NOK 70 /SEK 70 /EUR 9



    Sandwich of the day. Choose between a ham/salami sandwich or the vegetarian option (with cheese).

    Pre-order or buy onboard

    DKK 75/ NOK 90/ SEK 90/ EUR 11



    Fresh salad of the day with healthy grains (for example quinoa or bulgur) and your choice of dressing. Served 9.00 to 24.00.

    Pre-order or buy onboard

    DKK 80/ NOK 85/ SEK 85/ EUR 11



    Pay by credit card and pre-order your meals up to 18 hours before departure:

    - When you book on SAS’ website

    - Under My trips when you log in

    - Through your travel agent

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