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Information beta site

Our beta site

Thanks for visiting our Beta site. We’re glad you’re interested in SAS and a part of our traveling community.  

We’ve based our Beta site on a fresh new corporate design that we’ll soon roll out at all touch points. The look and feel is inspired by Scandinavian environments and our well-established color palette now has a few new shades of blue. You’ll also notice that the site is adaptive and optimized for touch, so some input fields may feel a bit bigger than what you’re used to.

The site is the result of many hours of listening to travelers like you. We’ve acted on valuable customer insights, combining them with business requirements to shape the site into what you can experience today. Every step of the way, we’ve focused on creating a user experience that makes it easier to book trips and manage everything more efficiently.

To enjoy these features fully, just make sure you’re logged in at all times. If you don’t have a profile or if you’re not a EuroBonus member, please sign up to EuroBonus first.

We’ve been developing and testing different versions of the Beta site since spring 2015, and we’ll continue to do so. This is just the first step on a journey where we’ll introduce new features, improvements and updates on a regular basis.

Try these great features now

  • Profile – selected functionalities
  • Booking flow – book your trip and add a bag or reserve your seat 
  • My trips – view details about your trip and rebook
  • Information pages – get important information to make your travel even better

Next up

  • Check-in – log in and make your experience smoother
  • My trips – enhancements and new features
  • Next version of Profile – even more functionalities
  • Booking – enhancements and new features
  • Explore – get inspired and access our popular Low Price Calendar

A taste of what's to come 

  • A new booking experience for corporate customers 
  • Personalized offers and new EuroBonus benefits
  • A new way to explore the world with SAS
  • An easy way to handle irregularities should they occurAnd much more

Your feedback is important

We wouldn’t exist without travelers like you. Many people have given us excellent input that we’ve evaluated carefully to see if we can use it to make the site even better. Some insights we have tested and won’t take forward. And some have been simply ingenious. If you haven’t made your voice heard, let us know what you think.

Thanks again. And stay tuned as we make travel easier.