Onboard – Make yourself at home

    At SAS, we want you to feel at home – even when you’re on your way. Lean back and relax – we’re here to make your time onboard exactly as comfortable as you want it to be.

    New cabin

    Our new cabins on our long-haul routes offer a true world-class travel experience. The new interiors offer even more comfort and an exceptional level of service. Read more about our aircraft

    SAS Business – when only the best is good enough

    In SAS Business you enjoy comfort above the ordinary: Enjoy the extra legroom or stretch out on our fully flat seats. Or work more effectively, if you like.

    • Exclusive bedding from Scandinavia’s luxury bedding company Hästens (pillows, mattress pads and sheets)
    • Free WiFi
    • On-demand entertainment system
    • Wide range of specially selected meals
    • You can make calls and use your phone with a connection via standard GSM (you’ll pay international roaming rates to your service provider)

    SAS Business cabin
    • Seat configuration: 1–2–1
    • 50% of seats are single seats
    • Extra wide seats (23"/24" width between armrests)
    • Direct access to the middle aisle from all seats
    • Fully flat seats, minimum length 196 cm/77"
    • Massage seats
    • Moldable seat cushions for personalized comfort (inflatable/deflatable)
    • On-demand entertainment system with 15.4" HD screens
    • Individual power outlets and USB ports

    SAS Plus – Enjoy enhanced comfort and service

    When you travel in SAS Plus on our long-haul flights, you enjoy wider seats in a separate cabin, extra legroom and first-class entertainment and food.

    • Free WiFi 
    • On-demand entertainment system
    • Wide selection of food and beverages
    • You can make calls and use your phone with a connection via standard GSM (you’ll pay international roaming rates to your service provider)

    More about SAS Plus

    SAS Plus cabin
    • Seat configuration: 2-3-2
    • Seat pitch (space between your headrest and the one in front of you) 38"
    • Recline 7" (reclining seat back)
    • The first row in SAS Plus has leg rests, other rows have foot rests
    • Adjustable six–position headrest
    • On-demand entertainment system with 12" HD screens
    • Individual power outlets and USB ports


    SAS Go – more comfortable than ever

    With a brand new design, new seats and a new entertainment system in SAS Go on our long-haul flights, you can have the most relaxing experience on your trip.

    • Food and beverage service 
    • Free WiFi for EuroBonus Gold and Diamond members 
    • Access to WiFi for a fee for other travelers (DKK 37/NOK 45/SEK 49/EUR 5/USD 5 within Scandinavia and Europe, DKK 111/NOK 136/SEK 149/EUR 15/USD 16 in the rest of the world)
    • You can make calls and use your phone with a connection via standard GSM (you’ll pay international roaming rates to your service provider)


    SAS Go cabin
    • Seat configuration: 2-4-2
    • Seat pitch 31"/32" (space between your seat and the one in front, from headrest to headrest)
    • Recline 6" (reclining seat back)
    • Adjustable four-position headrest
    • On-demand entertainment system with 9" HD screens
    • One power outlet per seat pair
    • Individual USB outlet

    Food and beverages

    Indulge your inner foodie when you fly. We offer a specially designed menu of exciting new flavors and well–known classics. We also offer a wide selection of beverages guaranteeing you will find what you want. As you probably already know, coffee and tea are free on all flights, no matter where you’re traveling.

    • If you travel in SAS Go, you can buy snacks, light meals and beverages onboard (on flights within Scandinavia and Europe and on domestic flights within Sweden and Norway). Food and beverages are included in SAS Plus. Menu for flights within Europe

    • Food and beverages are served on all our long-haul routes regardless of class (non-alcoholic beverages in SAS Go). As usual, you can also buy snacks, meals and beverages onboard from our menu

    • If you’re traveling in SAS Business, you enjoy a lot of extras. Enjoy a glass of champagne and a three-course meal with three choices of main course. You can also help yourself to our buffet of fine wines, non-alcoholic beverages, fruit and snacks during the flight.
    • If you would like food other than that served onboard, you can choose a special meal from one of our 12 menus:

    vegetarian meals

    Code Description Available on charter flights Available on scheduled flights
    AVML Asian vegetarian meal:
    Spicy vegetarian meal with limited use of dairy products
    - ✓ Yes
    VGML Vegetarian vegan meal:
    Meal without meat, dairy products, honey or egg
    ✓ Yes ✓Yes
    VLML Vegetarian lacto-ovo meal:
    Vegetarian meal that may contain dairy products and egg
    ✓ Yes ✓ Yes

    religious meals

    Code Description Available on charter flights Available on scheduled flights
    HNML Hindu meal:
    No pork, beef or raw/smoked fish
    - ✓ Yes
    KSML Kosher meal:
    Meal prepared according to Jewish customs and traditions
    - ✓Yes
    MOML Muslim meal:
    No pork, gelatin or alcohol. Consists mostly of vegetarian meals, no halal
    ✓ Yes ✓ Yes

    dietary/medical meals

    Code Description Available on charter flights Available on scheduled flights
    BLML Bland:
    Light meal for persons with ulcers and stomach indigestion
    ✓ Yes ✓ Yes
    GFML Gluten-free meal
    Meal free from gluten
    ✓ Yes ✓Yes
    NLML Non-lactose meal
    Meal without lactose
    ✓ Yes ✓ Yes

    other meals

    Code Description Available on charter flights Available on scheduled flights
    BBML Baby meal:
    Meal for infants (0-2 years old)
    - ✓ Yes
    CHML* Child meal:
    Meal adapted for children (2-11 years old). This meal is automatically ordered free of charge on charter flights for all passengers booked as C (child)
    ✓ Yes ✓Yes
    NOML No meal:
    On charter flights, all customers have to order and prepay for the meal. Customers who do not wish a meal are indicated with NOML
    ✓ Yes -

    * CHML breakfast is identical to a standard breakfast.

    • You can order special meals on our long-haul flights to the US and Asia and if you are traveling in SAS Plus within Europe on flights longer than 90 minutes.

    • You need to place your order at least 24 hours before departure through the SAS Sales and Service.

    If you have food allergies or intolerances

    • We don’t serve peanuts as inflight snacks or as a meal ingredient.  

    • If you are allergic to peanuts, always notify the cabin staff when you board the plane so they can inform other passengers of your peanut allergy.  

    • All other types of allergens such as nuts, seeds and legumes are available as snacks or are meal ingredients on SAS flights. It is not possible for us to restrict this.

    • Note that all our meals are prepared by suppliers on premises in which nuts/allergens are present. For this reason, there is a risk that traces of nuts/allergens may be present, even in cases in which the allergen is not part of a recipe or stated on the declaration of contents.

    • Please remember to always have any medication you need in your carry-on.

    If you are allergic to animal hair

    • If you’re allergic to animal hair, contact SAS Sales & Support when you book so we can confirm that there are no animals on your flight.
    • If you’re traveling in SAS Go, you can pre-order meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, salads, sandwiches and Kids' Meals) from our inflight menu. Pre-order your meal when you book at or through your travel agent up to 18 hours before departure. 

    • You can pre-order breakfast on flights that depart before 9:00 am and are longer than 60 minutes. Lunch, dinner, sandwiches, salads and Kids’ Meals are available for pre-order on flights longer than 120 minutes.

    • You can pre-order meals on flights within Europe. If you're traveling within Scandinavia or Finland, only breakfast is available for pre-ordering.

    See our menu and read more about pre-ordering meals


    Take a bit of Scandinavia home – or somewhere else. On longer flights, you can shop in our STORE: lovely fragrances, Scandinavian design and fun gifts. Always at great prices. 

    • You can shop on European flights to/from Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen that are longer than 1h 45 min and on flights to/from Stockholm and Oslo that are longer than 1h 45 min. Unfortunately, we don’t offer shopping on flights within Scandinavia or Finland.  

    • You can pay by credit card (not VISA Electron or MasterCard Maestro) and cash in the following currencies: SEK, DKK, NOK, EUR, GBP and USD. In addition, you can use your EuroBonus points when you shop onboard.


    We have finally enabled 3G access on most of our long-haul planes. That means that you can use your phone even without WiFi up in the air. The 3G service kicks in at 20 000 feet. Simply turn off flight mode and you can make calls, surf and text. No login required and any costs are added to your regular phone bill. Price list, you get a text message from your network operator, just like when you are abroad. Just check that your provider is partner with AeroMobile.

    So you can spend your time any way you like, we now offer WiFi on a growing number of our long-haul routes. Our new cabins on long-haul routes offer WiFi, which is already available on 10 of our Boeing 737–800 aircraft.

    • WiFi is free for EuroBonus Gold and Diamond members, and for travelers in SAS Business and SAS Plus. If you're traveling in SAS Go you pay only DKK 39/NOK 49/SEK 49/EUR 6 EUR/GBP 5/USD 7 (1,000 EuroBonus points) within Scandinavia and Europe and only DKK 119/NOK 148/SEK 149/EUR 15/GBP 13/USD 19 (3,000 EuroBonus points) when you’re traveling to the rest of the world.

    • The cost for mobile services (text messaging, phone calls and GPRS) is based on the roaming charges of your service provider. When you fly on SAS, all data roaming is international, even on domestic flights.



    Lean back and relax. On flights to Asia and the US, you can enjoy movies, music and games on your personal video screen. Naturally, we’ll give you free headphones if you don’t have any with you. 

    • In our new cabins on long-haul routes you can enjoy a new and improved entertainment system that offers:
      • over 200 hours of quality television series and popular movies
      • video On Demand for all travelers 
      • power outlets with an extra USB outlet at all seats
      • WiFi (free if you’re traveling in SAS Plus or SAS Business)
    • Quality reading: Meet some of Scandinavia’s best writers and photographers in our travel and lifestyle inflight magazine, Scandinavian Traveler. Read it here, onboard or in the SAS App

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