This event is for two people, based on sharing a double room. Note that the price is per person. All participants must be above 21 years.

From the 6th to the 11th of June, you can live out your foodie fantasies at a very special event by SAS Dreams. On this trip we invite you to experience a unique gastronomic adventure in Japan, together with SAS’ own Head Chef, Peter Lawrance. The trip pays homage to Japan's culinary past, present and future.


Meet our chef

Peter Lawrance takes care of all SAS culinary guidelines, but more importantly, he is a true traveler. Lawrance is constantly on the lookout for new gastronomic experiences, and his focus is always on creating new meals and brewing new drinks to our in-flight guests. His experience from fine dining kitchens and as a cookbook author, combined with his impressive travel history, makes him the ultimate guide for this culinary journey.


Join the quest

Now it’s your time to follow in Lawrance’s footsteps through the street markets of modern Tokyo and the back alleys of the ancient parts of the city. You will be introduced to the different areas’ distinctive kitchen styles and food traditions and get the chance to see, taste and learn about the local products. The journey will cover everything from street food to gastronomic pieces of art in fancy restaurants.


Foodie adventure

Visit food markets, pop-up coffee bars and food stores throughout the city. Join a sake event and an exclusive tasting of Japanese beverages, and find your own favorite amidst the city’s many distinctive restaurants. Among the highlight is a private tour and lunch at Tokyo Flight Kitchen, one of the finest catering locations in the world.


A taste of Tokyo

Even though the food will be the main attraction on this journey, the trip also includes unique tailor-made Tokyo and Kyoto experiences and sightseeing for the limited group of only 20 guests. Visit “Tokyo’s Time Square”, get a close encounter with Sumo wrestlers in Ryogoku, take the high-speed train to Kyoto, and admire the Kiyomizudera temple – one of the most celebrated temples in Japan.

Be one of the few who will get a real taste of Japan. Reserve your ticket now.