Drive off into the English countryside behind the wheel of a classic sports car on our exclusive driving event starting in Birmingham, England. This three-day castle-to-castle tour with classic car connoisseurs will show you how to best exploit handcrafted British sports cars and give you a private tour of the British Motor Museum and its treasures.


An exclusive driving event on England’s country roads

Drive a special collection of handcrafted British sports cars, from roadsters to racing vehicles for road use. A private visit at the British Motor Museum and Car Collection is also among the absolute highlights of the countryside journey, which starts outside the city of Birmingham.

If you put your name on the list for this very limited event now, you will be able to grab the steering wheel of a brisk English classic sports car for the few and privileged. You will join a handful of fellow enthusiasts on typically British open and winding country roads on a three-day castle-to-castle tour. 



Test your driving skills

Meet profiled classic car connoisseurs who will involve you in the history of the vehicles. They will teach you how to get the most of the cars and how to enhance your driving skills. The program is exclusively crafted for SAS EuroBonus members, with no compromises in comfort.


Visit the British Motor Museum and their car collection

Among the highlights of this racing-inspired event is a private guided tour at British Motor Museum. This is the home to the world’s largest collection of historic British Cars; it boasts nearly 300 cars in its collection which span the classic, vintage and veteran eras.


Enjoy fine driving and dining

The driving experience will create an appetite for the trip’s high-class lunching and dining that is fully accomplished by classy accommodation in traditional castle-like surroundings. You will finally get to cruise some of the most scenic parts of England in rare vehicles handcrafted for drivers just like you. Be one of the few who will turn the key and hear the roar under a leather-strapped engine hood. Reserve your seat here and now. 


Please note age limit 26 years.

The driver needs to show a drivers license that has been valid for more than 5 years. To attend the event you need to book for two persons - travel with your partner, friend or family.