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Travel Cash


We are updating our SAS Travel Cash Program to serve you even better. The new program, which will be launched on 16 August, will be called SAS EuroBonus Travel Wallet. We’ll send you a reminder to apply for a new card online in connection with the launch. 

Your SAS Travel Cash Card will continue to work until it expires, even after 16 August. Just keep in mind that there are new terms and conditions for SAS EuroBonus Travel Wallet and continuing to use your Travel Cash account means that you’ve agreed to our new terms and conditions. You can read them and see key changes here:



If you don’t accept the new SAS Travel Wallet Terms & Conditions, you’ll need to close your SAS Travel Cash account before 16 August by calling SAS Sales & Service at (NUMBER). You can empty your current balance by spending the money, withdrawing the funds from an ATM or requesting redemption, in which case the funds will be credited to your bank account. 


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