Important information at time of booking

Guaranteed seat for EuroBonus Gold members

The SAS website no longer handles guaranteed seats 48 hours before departure or general wait list handling on fully booked flights for EuroBonus Gold members.

For assistance with guaranteed seat bookings, please contact Sales & Service/corporate support:

Sweden: 0770 727 727/+46 8 797 4000 from abroad
Denmark: +45 32 32 68 00
Norway: +45 32 32 68 00
Finland: 06000 25831/+372 668 0140 from abroad
UK: +44 0871 226 7760

Additional information in your booking

"Fill in passenger details"/"Frequent flyer program"

Travelers using Travel Pass must insert their EuroBonus number each time a booking is made.

"Fill in passenger details"/"Travel document"

Remember to choose the card you want to use for identification in the self-service flow at the airport (self-service kiosks, Fast Track security and boarding). If you have a combined card – credit card combined with pay as you fly – choose "Other card." Select the card type you are going to use as a FOID (form of identity) & insert the credit card number.

If you want to use your single branded Travel Pass card as your preferred FOID, contact corporate support to update the profile.
Sweden: 08 797 22 02
Denmark: 32 32 66 33
Norway: 64 81 76 00


Storing your credit card as FOID for use online is not possible due to new credit card rules for your security. A credit card as FOID must be inserted each time a booking is made. If you choose booking reference as FOID, retrieve a boarding pass at the airport self-service kiosk or download the boarding pass to your mobile phone.


After the confirmation page "Thank you, your booking is completed," choose your seat by clicking on Select seat for this booking. If you have a preferred seat in your profile, this seat will be preselected if unoccupied, but must be confirmed.

We recommend you check in and reach the gate no later than 30 minutes before departure to secure the seat you have selected.

More Travel Pass prepaid products

It is not possible to combine several Travel Pass prepaid products in the same booking.